The “Don’t Do It” of professional presentations

Suzanne Lowe of the Expertise Marketplace has a couple of pointers about what one shouldn’t do if they are to act professionally.

Cool points, so let me recite them here:

Suzanne Lowe’s “Five Biggest Professional Service Presentation Don’ts”

1.) Don’t try to differentiate or position your firm on the spot. Sorry, pal, your whole firm should have thought of this BEFORE the presentation. If you find yourself trying to come up with a one-time differentiation or position just for this presentation, it’s evidence your firm really ISN’T that well differentiated or positioned.

My Comment: Have you thought about your market positioning? It is easier, to me, if you produce a real product, but much harder, if you are in the training or coaching business. It is so easy to print a business card that states “coach” or “trainer”, but can you deliver?

Don’t promise service offerings or delivery capabilities you aren’t SURE can be delivered, or that are wildly divergent from your firm’s differentiation or positioning strategy. You’ll regret it later!

My Comment: I underline this statement. How easy is it to commit to something only to struggle in the delivery. One is not only spoiling one own’s reputation, but the overall market perception. As a “Guru” of mine said once: You are only as good as your last training! How true.

3.) Don’t copy your competitors. Your prospects will want you to match your rivals, but this is just asking you to sink to the lowest common denominator. Don’t be tempted to go there! Rather, think of a different, MORE VALUABLE way to delight your prospects. And make it FIT with your firm’s uniqueness.

My Comment: True. It is easy to copy, from webpages to statements. But really, if push comes to shove, are you there and able to deliver? I don’t mind if my competitiors copy from me, but it really annoys me that some really “spoil the perception of good delivery” and what NLP is all about. Sorry!!! I needed to say that.

4.) Don’t forget that one of your bigger competitors may not even be those regular foes you encounter at other presentations. It may be your own prospects, who may decide NOT to purchase your services if they can do it themselves.

My Comment: Sure, I am not always competing against competitors. But if a company can do what I do for themselves, so be it. Wouldn’t they regret to have hired me only to realise that they could have saved the investment and do it themselves? I am more than happy to advise a potential client, if the client can solve their own issue. For me, that is integrity.

5.) Don’t forget to review your value proposition and pricing strategies before you present your fee estimates. Make sure you substantially challenge yourselves before the presentation to determine where the clients REALLY seek value. It may be they seek value for something they haven’t articulated.

My Comment: Absolutely. And how often is our own belief and desparation giving in to a discounted price. I know how much value I can give to my clients. If I am not appreciated, or not able to convey my message, I deserve to be either ignored until I learnt my lesson, or I walk to find clients that appreciate my offer.

What do you think?


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