Training and creating new behaviours

Training is fun.

I arrive in the morning to a company’s compound. Have been there before, of course. Meeting with HR, the CEO (sometimes), department heads, and staff members.

Still, there are always some training participants, that I haven’t met. While I build up my training material in the training room, the first participants sneak into the room. Some more slowly than others. A few come up to me and introduce themselves to me. Others just look shyly, and I take the initiative. This first observation gives me a lot of information about the inter-personal relationships and how the company culture actually operates.

A few minutes later, the HR person, my direct contact, enters the room and oftentimes takes charge. Then, the show begins (sorry, male language). I am introduced, and off we go.

The initial phase is always very carefully planned. The stage needs to be set. The ice must be broken. The room must fill with energy. Since beliefs are formed fast in the mind of the participants, about the trainer and what they learn, I am at the top of my performance. This crucial first timeframe sets the stage for continuous work with the company or a one time event for me :).

It is my goal to be that good that the participants forget all about coffee break, or even lunch break and become thirsty for more.

The energy in the room heats up. Exercises are conducted, background information shared, and we often discuss of how something that has been learned can be applied in real life.

Very often, I hear comments that the persons “who need the training most” are not in the room. I smile. Sometimes I am lucky, and I can respond that actually, the whole company is going to be trained by me. So that there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, I say that the change starts within one person. Gandhi was once saying that someone “needs to be the change you want to see.” It is one of my favourite quotes.

Mostly, a trainings lasts 2 days or more. I believe in behavioural change and companies want to see real results. That means that 2 days of training are not always enough and we stagger the learning over time.

After a while, and sometimes earlier, sometimes later, I can see the first shifts in participants. I see how knowledge and learning takes place. Insights are created, even before many become aware. For me, it is crucial to identify those that learn fastest, because they can be the accelerator for the rest of the group. The Innovators, so to speak. The next shift is pretty rapidly, like a firestorm. The learning catches on, emotions run high and the feeling of “we get it and it works” becomes evident.

That is then also the time I feel really good about it. To see how training participants grasp the new reality, how differently they see the world after training, and how proud they are of their accomplishment.

And they deserve it!


Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and a certified trainer of internationally recognised certification programmes:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP),
  • NLP Coach Training with the Coaching Division of ABNLP,
  • The Words That Change Minds -Language and Behaviour Profile of which he also is one of 17 Global Master Trainers
  • Creating Your Future Coaching™ Techniques at the Masters Level with the International Timeline Therapy Association
  • Hypnosis with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Master Trainer with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

We also train companies to achieve higher performance especially through our signature programmes on Leadership, Sales and Advanced Communications.

To find out more about us or our programme and what makes us so very different as trainer and coaches, send an email to andreas.dorn AT or contact us at +6012 287 5048.

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