Unsatisfied employees costing economy billions

An interview with Consulting News with Patrick Lencioni on Miserable Jobs reveals astonishing data from a Gallup Study. It says that recent poll found that 77 percent of people hate their jobs (probably in the US$). Gallup also contends that this ailing workforce is costing employers more than US$350 billion dollars in lost productivity. I wonder, how much is lost in any of the Asian economies due to low level of satisfaction of the workforce?

The impact of those people on their environment is dramatic, due to their behaviour. They are cynical and demoralised.

It is the same old story – people join companies and leave their managers. The question is – how long do they stay in their job, and why don’t they move earlier? How much damage do they cause, not only to the company, but to themselves? Clearly, we all know that dissatisfaction is hurting the body, as every thought you think is a command to your neuro system!! Stress kills, it is not always nice to work with cynics and it does not help that the dis-satisfied just count the days till retirement.

Where are the leaders? Where is the direct manager, and what are the actions that a company can take to safeguard the health and productivity of their executives?

I then wonder about the contradiction between the so-called Best Employers Studies (of which I was a part, in one of my earlier lifes :)), the many books and studies that indicate performance characteristics of leading companies.

I believe business coaching is one solution for companies to re-engage their executives. However this coaching should not only relate to the work environment but also instill skills that are transferable to the personal life. If an executive is able to relate newly acquired skills to personal and professional life, the learning and the possible application is much deeper with lower chances to get rejected.

In addition, it is about languaging, as interesting as it sounds, and how people process verbal information. People are different in many aspects.

It is crucial to identify what really engages an employee. Very often, managers might speak from their own map of the world in trying to engage an executive. They relate their own experience while attempting to motivate the employee. Have you had such experience, when someone stands in front of you and talks about their own approach and experience and you simply think that this should stop, and doesn’t apply at all to your situation? That you wanted to run away from the barrage of verbal assault?

If you identify the inner filter of a person, how this person gets motivated, and maintains their motivation, and then align your language to their mental filter, you have won this battle. I am not suggesting that this is all that is needed, but already goes a very long way in re-igniting your workforce.

How can this be done? Well, let me blow my horn, okay? I am promoting the Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile). This tool, based on the meta-progams of NLP, is enabling its users to really speak the language of their employees, customers and spouses. It is easy to learn for anyone, no need to go through an NLP Course (even so this is life-changing as well, of course!), and immediately applicable in your life and profession.

Check it out!!


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