What Your Desk Says About You

Is your desk messy or clean? Are papers laying around and it looks kind of messy or is it an “organised” chaos.

Do you have coffeestains on the table? Are the doors in your office open or closed?

Or  – are you coming to the office early because …. it is more quiet? You can get things done? Do you sometimes close the door to have less interuption?

It all has meanings!

You see, we create our environment and it is an expression on how we look or feel like, inside of us.

Have you ever had a time that you worked on a tough problem, and suddenly looked around, started to clean up your desk or your room, and then, suddenly, got the one great idea that you so desparately needed?

Yep – that is what I mean.

As such, yes, how a desk looks like gives us information about how a person processes information or what is going on inside.

However, it is an indication only, not 100% bullet-proof.

Nevertheless, how an environment looks like can be substantial in maintaining our motivation. Yes, it does. There are people that need their space and cannot stand it working next to someone else while others want to have people around, and the closer, the better. If they come to the “wrong” environment, their motivation drops!

Now, the article takes a different view and I don’t quite agree with it.

It states that the following look of your desk gives this kind of information about your personality:

1. An organized desk says… you’re dependable and timely.

2. Uncommon objects say… you’re creative and open to new experiences.

3. Inspirational posters and messages say… you’re neurotic.

4. An inviting space says… you’re extroverted.

Of course, people make all kind of  assumptions which are not necessarily true, but just an indication of what is happening.

So please, do not jump to conclusion but ask yourself: What could that say about the person? And then, get curious and ask great questions!



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