Where do you sit? The psychology of sitting correctly

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Newest research has cracked the secret of sitting correctly in the meeting room and it was found that found that people fit into one of seven personality types based on where they sit.

“Those sitting opposite the person leading the meeting tend to be Grumpy or Doc, or a combination of the two. Grumpy is openly argumentative and may be hard to control. Doc is the person who faces off against the leader to show off his or her intelligence. The person who sits on the leader’s right is Happy–a yes-man, reports BusinessWeek.”

Now, please do not do the following tomorrow. Imagine there is a meeting, your company is actually filled with happy-go-lucky people and just because of this entry, you rush to sit aside of the Big Boss.

It is then highly possible that the chair breaks, the chairpersond does not know why there is a struggle to sit at his or her side (ahhh – in Malaysia mostly a “his”), and keeps on wondering the whole week onwards.

So sit where you are but change your position sometimes. This then is also helpful to give you new insights.


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